UPDATE: Two dead in Clearwater Mall shooting


An attempted robbery at Clearwater mall left two suspects dead on Tuesday morning.

JOHANNESBURG - One suspect has been shot dead in an apparent robbery at the Clearwater Mall on the West Rand.

Honeydew police spokesman Warrant Officer Karen Jacobs confirmed that two suspects were killed on Tuesday morning but could not provide further details.

Three suspects were treated for gunshot wounds. One of the men died while paramedics tried to save his life. 

Meanwhile, a mall spokesman said no members of the public were injured.

"Six armed suspects attempted to rob a delivery vehicle in the parking lot.  

"Shots were fired and two suspects were fatally wounded. Two other suspects were wounded and the remaining two were captured," said the mall&39;s marketing manager, Cecile Braun.

Police spokesman Katlego Mogale said four firearms were seized.



* Watch the video in the gallery above.

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