Only 'African natives' allowed to join pro-Zuma party


President of Mazibuye African Congress, Reggie Ngcobo talks to Justice Malala on the Justice Factor show.

DURBAN - The controversial Mazibuye African Congress says its membership is reserved only for black South Africans.

No whites or Indians are allowed to join, but coloured people are.

The newly formed party is believed to be pro-former President Jacob Zuma.

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Zuma has twice distanced himself from the party.

The Mazibuye African Congress says it’s only promoting the interests of black Africans, which it says includes coloureds.

The party says it welcomes financial contributions from whites and Indians, but will not open its membership to them.

“Black emancipation is not something that we are going to tiptoe about. We are going to get our people liberated. And that is not going to take a white man to do that it’s going to take our people and we are going to make sure that this comes a reality. Our membership is only for black people," said Romeo Matjila, Mazibuye African Congress sercretary. 

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