Ndebele Report is flawed, claims Oscar Mabuyane

Eastern Cape Premier Oscar Mabuyane says cleaning up corruption and fraudulent activities in the province will be his guiding priority. 

FILE: Eastern Cape Premier Oscar Mabuyane says cleaning up corruption and fraudulent activities in the province will be his guiding priority.

JOHANNESBURG – Eastern Cape ANC chairman Oscar Mabuyane has rubbished the Sbu Ndebele Report as flawed in its investigation of the disputed October 2017 provincial elective conference (PEC).

The Ndebele Report was the subject of a hearing at the South Gauteng High Court on Monday.

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Disgruntled ANC members in the Eastern Cape want the court to force the mother body to take a decision on its recommendations.

eNCA has revealed that the Ndebele Report in March recommended to the ANC NEC that the Eastern Cape ANC leadership be suspended and the conference re-run within three months.

"We don&39;t want to speak about the process itself because we still believe that the process itself was very flawed. The committee itself never done justice on it, in terms of giving people an opportunity those who were real participants. In the conference 90 percent were branches of the ANC, (the committee) only interviewed 10 percent," said Mabuyane.

The mother body has had to defend its decision in the South Gauteng High Court.

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"The matter as far as today went focused on technical points as to whether firstly, the matter was urgent because it was brought on an urgent basis; secondly, whether it was more convenient for the matter to have been heard in the Eastern Cape, as opposed to Johannesburg; and thirdly, on the basis that the provincial executive committee of the Eastern Cape were not invited to be party to these proceedings. So the arguments today sat around these three and the judge has reserved her judgment on the outcome of those technical points," said Ajay Chagan, Lawyer for ANC.

Those who supported Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma in the lead-up to the Nasrec conference, say they will be disappointed in Cyril Ramaphosa’s leadership if the decision to ignore the Ndebele Report was decided on factional lines.

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"It would be so unfortunate because it would mean they refuse to lead us. Those who never supported the Cyril view and which we expect comrade to lead all of us. Be it we have supported him or not because now we have accepted him as the president of the ANC. So the onus is on him now to lead all of us in the ANC," said Mawande Ndakisa, ANC Eastern Cape Member.

Speculation is rife that the undoing of the ANC Eastern Cape elective conference could open doors to a legal challenge of the Nasrec conference which elected Ramaphosa.

"Trust me... when I say to you, we have accepted the outcomes of Nasrec. We don&39;t have any issues. It has been a democratic process, no one is having an issue about the mix of leadership that came out of Nasrec. So that is not in our best interest," Ndakisa said.