Oscar not getting special treatment: Correctional Services

PRETORIA - Prison authorities have strongly denied reports that Oscar Pistorius is getting special treatment in jail.

Correctional Services has also admitted its own officials are providing misleading information about the Paralympian to the media.

These revelations come after video footage of Pistorius playing soccer with Czech murder accused Radovan Krejcir has gone viral.

The men stay in the hospital section of Pretoria&39;s Kgosi Mampuru Prison.

Last year, Krejcir complained that authorities had confiscated his exercise bike and treadmill after Pistorius started using them.

Now, it seems, the two are exercise partners.

Prison authorities have stressed there&39;s nothing untoward about the soccer game because inmates are allowed to exercise for one hour a day.

They also say Pistorius isn’t expected to wear his prison overalls while exercising.

What is untoward, however, is that the game has been filmed.

Given the angle at which it&39;s been shot, the source is very likely a prison warder.

Inmates aren’t allowed to have cellphones.

Correctional Services says it’s aware that officials have been feeding the media misleading information about both Pistorius and Krejcir, and has asked journalists to refrain from using unethical means -- including bribery -- to obtain such information.

The Daily Sun has denied any wrongdoing, saying it was given the footage by a confidential source.

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