Pama hosts international maths competition


File: Passing mathematics with moderate performance (that is, 40 percent or more) is now a criterion for passing in every grade. Its a criterion many students do not meet.

JOHANNESBURG - Over ten countries gathered their mental mathletes to compete in the 17th Pan Pacific Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association (Pama) Global Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition on Thursday.

Students from Taiwan, Mainland China, Japan, Korea, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Kingdom of Tonga, Thailand, Brunei, and South Africa will showcase their calculation ability in mental mathematics at the Hilton in Sandton.

This is the first time South Africa is the host country. SA is expected to have close to 150 participants alone.

Children as young as 5 years old will be competing on an international level in soroban and mental arithmetic exams.

Selected candidates will also present their talent on stage.