Parliament votes - EFF members suspended


The EFF in Limpopo labelled the ANC in the region sore losers.

PARLIAMENT - Some members of the EFF will be suspended from Parliament after a motion vote was in favour of the suspension. 

Deputy Speaker Lechesa Tsenoli said, "“Honourable members, those who abstained are three, the NOs are 111 and Ays are 210 the motion is therefore carried."
All the 20 MPs were found guilty of contempt of Parliament for their participation in the highly disruptive and disorderly conduct on 21 August 2014.
Various sanctions have been imposed upon the 20 MPs depending on the categories of charges for which they were found guilty. The first group, which includes the ringleaders, Julius Malema and Floyd Shivambu, has been suspended for a period of 30 days without remuneration. The second group has been suspended for a period of 14 days without remuneration. The third group was ordered to apologise to the House and fined an equivalent of a 14 days’ salary and
any allowance payable to them.
In a statement, the ANC said they welcomed the adoption of the report and the recommendations of the Powers and Privileges Committee that conducted a hearing into allegations of misconduct by 20 EFF Members of Parliament.
The EFF MPs begin serving their santions from Friday, 28 November. 


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