Paul Kruger statue defaced again

web_photo_Paul Kruger

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has called for the removal of Paul Kruger's statute in Pretoria, vowing to destroy what it has described as symbols of white supremacy and apartheid.

PRETORIA – The bronze sentries around the statue of Boer Republic president Paul Kruger in central Pretoria were on Tuesday defaced with green paint, for the second time.

The statue in Church Square had been at the centre a nationwide campaign against symbols of white rule earlier this year, which had been sparked by the  RhodesMustFall campaign.

The statue had been cleaned and fenced off since April, but vandals made a hole in the fence and smeared green paint onto the statues.

Several Tshwane metro police were at the scene and cordoned off the sentries.

Spokesman for the right-wing party Front National, Francois Cloete was at the scene, assessing the damage.

Cloete said: “It is a cultural genocide again against one of the statues of my people. I want to know what’s happening because this statue is part of the Afrikaner tradition.

“I have been trying to speak to the metro police but they are not co-operating. They don’t want to talk to me at the moment.

"There (have) been ongoing rumours that there will be another defacement again because of Paul Kruger’s birthday coming up on the 10th (October). On Saturday we have an event, commemorating his birthday, so this (defacement) might be linked to that."

Defacement is wrong. It’s a crime. If people don’t agree (with the statue), they must talk to the Afrikaner standing here right now.

In April, the EFF gave the Tshwane municipality seven days to remove the statue.

At the time, EFF Tshwane chairperson Benjamin Disoloane said: “Tshwane mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa must understand that this statue is frustrating our people every day. Our people don’t have jobs and they relax in this park.

“When they look at this statue of Paul Kruger, it frustrates them. We are offering to remove the statue because the city doesn’t have the budget.”

The Kruger statue and two of its four sentries was cleaned in April, after it had been defaced with lime green paint.