Fuel price drops, fuel tankers escorted by police


File image of a fuel tanker at a petrol station.

JOHANNESBURG – With the price of petrol dropping by 99c on Wednesday, police are escorting fuel tankers because they&39;ve been targeted by striking workers.

The fuel sector strike has reached it seventh day and involves 15,000 workers.

Hundreds of fuel stations are running dry, especially in Gauteng.

Workers are demanding a 9 percent salary increase but employers are offering 7 percent.

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The Fuel Retailers&39; Association says that about 10 percent of fuel stations in Gauteng have already run dry.

"That will be about 5 percent of the national fuel stations, but if you zoom into Gauteng, of that over 200 about 150 are actually in Gauteng, that’s already 10 percent of Gauteng network that is reporting dry, we normally experience levels of 10 percent after about two weeks or so,” said Reggie Sibiya from the Fuel Retailers&39; Association.

Diesel has gone down by 74c a litre and the price of illuminating paraffin has fallen by 88c.