Philippi deaths show housing delivery must be accelerated: Sanco


File: A shack that was destroyed in a fire in Philippi that resulted in the death of five young boys.

JOHANNESBURG - The South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) has urged authorities to accelerate housing delivery and the shack eradication programme to end deaths and losses in impoverished communities.

This followed the death of five young boys, reportedly aged between one and 14, in a shack fire at the Masiya informal settlement in Philippi in Cape Town at about midnight on Friday.

"We are saddened by the heart-breaking losses that the families suffered, the pain of their grief is too deep for us to imagine and accept," Sanco spokesman Jabu Mahlangu said.

No one deserved to die such gruesome and agonising deaths. The non-delivery of housing projects that would "create sustainable livelihoods and improve the quality of the lives of our people is an inexcusable violation of human rights”, he said.

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Mahlangu urged the City of Cape Town to roll-out relief efforts to those displaced by the incident.