IN PICTURES: The fall of Krejcir's Bedfordview palace


Convicted criminal Radovan Krejcir's house in Bedfordview is set to be auctioned on 28 November 2015.

JOHANNESBURG - Czech fugitive and murder accused Radovan Krejcir was once the king of Bedfordview.

Now most of the men he surrounded himself with are dead, and his palatial home is up for auction.

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) seized the property in 2013, and are selling it to recoup the millions that Krejcir still owes in unpaid taxes.

Walking into the four-storey, 2,200 square metre property is a strange and oddly haunting experience.

At the centre of a now empty kitchen is the table around which strip club owner Lolly Jackson, George Louca, the man accused of killing him, and slain underworld figure Cyril Beeka once sat. 

It&39;s not clear what they talked about. What is known is that Louca accused Krejcir of murdering both men.

Krejcir’s once lavish home is now a hollow shell which shows signs of neglect. Stains on the expensive carpets, a green and cloudy swimming pool and a big crack in the mansion’s glass elevator all hint at the consequences of Krejcir’s 2013 arrest and the eviction of his family.

The home, situated on the same road in Bedfordview where Jackson lived before his murder, is being auctioned on 28 November. The auctioneers are wary of gawkers – only prospective buyers willing to pay a R100, 000 registration fee will get past the mansion’s tall security gate.

The SARS officials here won’t be drawn on exactly how much tax Krejcir still owes, citing laws on taxpayer confidentiality. But it has been reported that the revenue service took him to court over R140-million in undeclared income and R59-million owed in outstanding income tax.

An endless mess of cables protrude from several walls where television sets and other appliances have been removed. What was once a large built-in fish tank, containing dozens of exotic and expensive fish, now stands empty.

Foundations of the house that Krejcir was building for his son Denis stand behind the mansion, and tower over it like a looming skeleton. A rusted ramp leads from the half-finished building into the lavish kitchen. Tired-looking white sofas stand in the open-plan lounge area.

“All the furniture left in the house will go to whoever buys it,” one of the auction house staff says. 

An empty hallway leads to a swimming pool and deck-area where a jacuzzi remains covered. A aviary nearby, stands abandoned. Krejcir’s office now consists of a few chairs and a cleared wooden desk.

This was a home where Playboy models and alleged underworld figures would enjoy all-night parties.

But police believe it was where Krejcir planned the murders of some of the men he called his friends.

Hawks officers claimed they discovered a hit list with Beeka’s name on it there, just after he was gunned down in Cape Town in March 2011. Krejcir was never charged for that killing, or the “hit list”.

- The neighbourhood - 

Situated less than a kilometre away from his home, is the traffic intersection where alleged drug smuggler Sam Issa was gunned down. Krejcir is facing trial for ordering that murder.

In that same year, Krejcir’s Money Point business was the alleged target of an apparent bomb attack that left two people dead and three injured. Krejcir’s alleged associate, Veselin Laganin, was shot and killed in his Bedfordview in 2013.

Residents here know the area’s reputation; “Gangsters’ paradise” is its unofficial nickname.

Auctioneers are hoping for at least R12-million for the house.

- Author: Malcolm O’Reilly

- Photos: Lenyaro Sello