Police watchdog probes alleged suicide in police stand-off


?21 May 2015 - Authorities maintain 62-year-old Michael Volkwyn committed suicide when they stormed his house last week.?

CAPE TOWN - The family of a man who died in a stand-off with police, believe he was killed by officers on the scene.

Authorities maintain, however, that 62-year-old Capetonian, Michael Volkwyn committed suicide.

At the time of the incident, police were responding to complaints of a dog attack.

They say when they tried to approach, Volkwyn opened fire.

One constable was hit in the face.

After 15-hours of negotiating, police moved in by force.

Then, officers say, Volkwyn turned the gun on himself.

Police watchdog the IPID has confirmed a complaint from his family and is investigating.

* Watch the full video report by Philip Owira in the gallery above.


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