Possible arson at ANC headquarters


ANC headquarters Luthuli House in Sauer Street, Johannesburg, seen at dusk on 12 June 2013.

The ANC have released a statement condeming what appears to be an attempt to burn down its headquarters, Chief Albert Luthuli House this evening around 18:00.
The party says a suspicious fire broke out at the reception of the building next to the main entrance.  The fire burned a reception coach and damaged glass.
ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu said senior ANC members were meeting on the 11th floor when they were alerted to the fire. 
Mthembu said in a live interview with eNCA that a bottle of what "smells like chemicals" exploded in the foyer. 
The attempt was foiled by the intervention by building security personnel who used fire extinguishers to put down flames that were almost reaching the ceiling of the reception area.
The ANC says they view this in serious light and say it appears as an act of attempting to destabilise the party through acts arson and sabotage. The party however, would not elaborate on who they felt was behind the suspected arson.
Mthembu says CCTV footage is being monitored and the police have taken over the parameters of Luthuli House with a view to investigate the source the fire and to ensure that there is no other pending threat to the building and people in the building.
Dog unit and ballistics experts are on the scene and officers will inspect the entire building. 
No one has been reported injured. 


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