Post Office crippled as fuel tanks run dry


Johannesburg, 21 November 2014 - The Post Office says if employees dont report for work on Monday, they'll face disciplinary action.

JOHANNESBURG - Some post offices haven’t delivered parcels over the past two days.

Not because of a strike, but because of a lack of petrol.

Clients have also been shown the door at various branches.

Several post office branches cannot deliver mail or parcels.

Their petrol cards don&39;t work, leaving delivery vehicles dry.

"This has affected certain branches and nationally we are still moving mail, we are still moving parcels," said Mlu Mathonsi, Acting CEO for the Post Office.

"But in specific areas we have had the situation of.... we had to stop vehicles."

The Post Office denies this is because it hasn&39;t paid its bills.

It says it&39;s still negotiating bank contracts.

But the CEO doesn&39;t deny the Post Office has severe financial woes.

The service was crippled by lengthy strikes last year.

Workers demanded permanent positions for contract workers and better pay.

SAPO says it&39;s implemented phase one of an inter-ministerial turn-around plan and that service delivery has improved over the past seven months.

Meanwhile, management has moved to re-assure employees they will be paid at month end.

SAPO has apologised to its customers and said all the delivery vehicles should be back on the road by Monday.