Post office union suspends strike


Johannesburg, 21 November 2014 - The Post Office says if employees dont report for work on Monday, they'll face disciplinary action.

JOHANNESBURG- SA Post Office (Sapo) workers of the Communication Members Union (CWU) have suspended, but not called off their strike.

According to the union&39;s president, Clyde Melvin, leadership met with the workers this past weekend and were asked to continue to champion their issues, despite returning to work.

They have said that, if no settlement is reached by January next year, the strike must be legalised. Melvin said that CWU has referred the matter to the CCMA and if they do not get their demand of a 7.5% salary increase and the reinstatement of 588 workers who were dismissed from their positions, they will convene a strike.

After two other unions signed a salary deal with the post office, the CWU said it did not have a choice but to return to work for now.

"We are not going to sign any agreement if it doesn&39;t speak to the workers," he said. "The post office needs to come to the party."

The four month strike has had difficult implications on the workers, but Melvin said they assured union leadership they will remain militant and radical as they return to work on Tuesday.

Dr Simo Lushaba of the Sapo Intervention Team, on Tuesday issued a statement following CWU&39;s announcement that workers will return to work. He said the development will have a positive impact on customers who have been waiting for services to return to normal.

"We have been experiencing sharp increases in employee response from Friday last week," he said.

As of Tuesday, only 0.7% of Sapo&39;s workforce remained absent from work, according to Lushaba.

He confirmed that the SA Post Office will not tolerate any further interruptions to operations "due to strikes which do not fall within the ambit of the applicable labour dispensation of the country".

Melvin said that the CWU wants stability and for the post office, a state-owned enterprise, to be effective and efficient.

“Let’s try and settle issues in the post office and if we can remove conditions, then we can start engaging.”

-Roxanne Joseph