Pretoria sees red as EFF pickets outside Israeli Embassy


EFF supporters were assembling at the Church Square in Pretoria on Tuesday morning ahead of their march to the Union Buildings.

JOHANNESBURG - Several roads were closed in Pretoria on Thursday as the EFF marched in support of the freedom and dignity of the Palestinian people. 

The EFF picketed outside the Israeli Embassy.

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Thursday marks 100 years since the Balfour Declaration - a letter that led to the birth of the State of Israel.

The letter stated the UK government&39;s intention of giving away land to establish a "national home" for Jewish people in Palestine.

It was a shock to the Arab world, which had not been consulted and had received vague promises of independence of its own in the post-war break up of the defeated Ottoman Empire.

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The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation has thrown its weight behind the EFF march.

Police are monitoring developments in the area.

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