Primary school pupils escape taxi fire in Durban


axi transporting primary school children catches fire on the onramp from Sherwood to the N3 Durban bound around 3pm on Thursday

DURBAN – A group of primary school children escaped with minor injuries after a school taxi they were travelling in caught alight on the on-ramp from Sherwood to the N3, Durban-bound around 3pm on Thursday afternoon.

Arrive Alive operations director, Garrith Jamieson, said Rescue Care Paramedics arrived on the scene to find the taxi engulfed in flames.

“Fortunately all of the children had managed to escape the fire. However, three children injured themselves falling out of the taxi in a rush to escape,” Jamieson said.

“Durban Fire Department quickly extinguished the fire. Paramedics treated the young children on scene before transporting them through to a nearby hospital for the further care that they required.”


Jamieson did not name the primary school the pupils were from.

He said the police and the Durban Fire Department were conducting an investigation.

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