Joburg principal 'humiliates' black pupils


Government has said that South Africa's leaders are exercising their democratic right of choice when choosing a school for their children.

JOHANNESBURG - A Johannesburg school principal has allegedly called black girls at her school dirty and fat.
The headmistress at Wordsworth High School addressed them during assembly, and also sent a note to parents complaining that the girls only washed their hair once a month.
Professional hairdressers, however, said chemically treated hair should only be washed two weeks after treatment, and overwashing could damage it.
“You don’t really have to wash it every day not even every week. Two weeks that’s a maximum even the people who send us their products also recommend two weeks. Because if you wash your hair every day when it’s got chemicals it will break,” said hairdresser Sarah Mungai.
The school principal&39;s attack on the girls apparently didn&39;t end there.
“The next day tutors were sent to go around the classes to go check the girls hair and if your hair was not the way the principal wanted, we were sent to the girls toilets and told to wash our hair with sunlight liquid. The principal and another female teacher were there with towels to dry our hair after which we had to go and sit in the sun to dry it more,” said one pupil.
A fuming parent said the principal had disrespected the children as well as the parents.
“What made me angry and I felt I should do something is when she forced our children to wash their hair with sunlight liquid, I couldn’t sit and do nothing. Has she ever washed her hair with that. If she felt that our kids were dirty why didn’t she buy a cheap shampoo,” said the parent.
Meanwhile, the Gauteng Education Department has launched an investigation into the matter, and will be guided by the outcome on the course of action to take.