Protesters burn police cars in Pretoria


Firefighters work to put the flames of a burning police car that was set alight by protesting students in Pretoria on Friday, 23 October 2015.

PRETORIA - There is a heavy police presence in the Pretoria CBD.

Violence erupted this afternoon after President Zuma announced a no-fee-hike for varsity students next year.

But a short while after the decision was announced, the scene on the south lawn of the Union Buildings descended into chaos.

Stones were thrown at public-order-police officers. They responded by firing stun grenades, teargas and rubber bullets.

Students spilled out onto various streets of the capital, including Pretorius Street where the burning of the cars occurred.



Traffic was diverted away from Pretorius and Leyds streets and commuters were asked to make use of alternative routes to get home.



There is still a heavy police presence.





It has been suggested by some witnesses that these elements are not students but rather criminal elements which have found their way into the protests. 

President Jacob Zuma, on Friday, announced that there will be a 0% university fee increment in 2016.

He made this announcement from inside the Union Buildings and did not address the thousands of protesting students, who had gathered on the grounds of the state building, directly as was expected.

The announcement was met with mixed reactions from students and chaos erupted when police clashed with the students, forcing them to disperse.

Many students were upset that Zuma did not come out to address them.