Protesting truck drivers block major highways into Pretoria


Johannesburg, 30 May 2016 - The final phase of the M1 rehabilitation project kicked off on Monday morning. The bridge upgrade is one of the biggest projects the Johannesburg Roads Agency has undertaken.

PRETORIA - Several major roads leading into Pretoria have been blocked Wednesday morning due to protesting truck drivers. 

The protest is believed to be organised by the Coal Transportation Forum who have said in a statement that they organised the protest in response to government's committment to renewable energy which the forum believes will lead to crippling job losses in the sector. 

Trucks are blocking highways, including the N1 North in Centurion, as well as parts of the N14 and R21.

Isaac Mahamba, Metro police spokesperson, has urged motorists to use alternative routes in Pretoria this morning.

"As police we are responding to make sure that we assist areas that are being affected. We are aware of the march or the motorcade that will take place in the Putco depot in Marabastaad."

"But for them to park those trucks there and block the roads is illegal. And we are going to make sure that we respond, and we are going to act swiftly as police to make way for other motorists.”

Meanwhile, the Coal Transporters Forum insists there is no blockade.

It says truck drivers are just slowly driving to Marabastaad, where they intend to park and march to the Union Buildings.

Coal Transporters Forum spokesperson Mary Phadi said, "We’ve requested to use all the entrances coming into Pretoria."

"We’ve used different entrances at a slow pace, because we are avoiding to create accidents along the road going to Marabastaad.”








According to a statement by the forum, trucks will travel from parts of Mpumalanga and Gauteng – converging in Marabastad in Pretoria where they intend to march to the Union Buildings and hand a memorandum to President Zuma.