PSA parade against Steinhoff's Jooste at SunMet


File: Steinhoff CEO Markus Jooste is under investigation for corruption.

JOHANNESBURG – The Public Servants Association (PSA) has joined hands with trade unions for a solidarity parade against former Steinhoff CEO Marcus Jooste at the Sun Met gala.

Jooste owned several prize horses, which he previously entered into the popular race.

The National Horseracing Authority said Jooste sold his horses and terminated his membership.

The PSA says the parade is meant to demonstrate victory against corruption, maladministration and wrongdoing by individuals in big industries.

It says it is targeting Jooste, in particular, due to his role in the collapse of the Steinhoff share price after allegations of accounting irregularities emerged.

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The association said it would follow Jooste everywhere and disturb any business activities he is involved in as it looks to recoup R17 billion its members lost in the controversy.

“Basically, today, we’re not here for horses,” the PSA’s Tahir Maepa said.

“It’s just to say that we have managed to, firstly, influence industry. We’ve convinced the National Horseracing Authority and Sun International to join hands with us in isolating this guy because to us, he’s an outcast and nobody should associate with him until he’s brought to book,” Maepa aded.