Raid on N West premier's office relates to R160m corruption: Hawks

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The Directorate for Priority Crime Prevention (Hawks).

The Directorate for Priority Crime Prevention (Hawks).

JOHANNESBURG - The Hawks have confirmed that suspected fraud, corruption and maladministration are the reason for the raid on the North West premier&39;s office on Thursday.

The amount involved is R160-million. 

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The premier&39;s spokesman has said they have nothing to hide.

The ANC welcomed the raid, with spokesman Pule Mabe saying it showed the ANC government is fighting crime.

"From what we understand the activity had to do with the collection of certain documents to do with another transaction. I am sure at their own pace and time they [the Hawks] will be able shed more light {on the matter].

The raid showed the extent to which the ANC and those "entrusted with the role of leading" were heeding the call to make sure that the government of the ANC becomes a proper corporate citizen", Mabe said.