Ramaphosa turns to court over emails


Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa greets security personnel at the World Economic Forum on Africa 2017 meeting in Durban, South Africa, May 5, 2017.

JOHANNESBURG - Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa may be trying to obtain a court interdict against the Sunday Independent from running a story about his personal life.


Ramaphosa has now rubbished claims he's a serial philanderer.

This comes hot on the heels of allegations he beat his ex-wife, Hope.

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Ramaphosa has also refuted this, saying it's part of an elaborate smear campaign to discredit him.

“Without necessarily commenting on the factuality or non-factuality of the allegations, the context of it is that this is happening within an electoral period. And everything will be done by the faction that is competing against his faction to become president.


So to this extent it could be part of an attempt at character and integrity assassination,” said Political Analyst Dumisani Hlophe

Earlier the deputy president issued a statement responding to the claims.


Ramaphosa Response to Allegations on Social Media by eNCA.com on Scribd