Ramaphosa vows to visit Marikana with Malema as per Winnie's wish


Cyril Ramaphosa, Chairman, Shanduka Group, South Africa at a plenary session on 'Building Africa's brand' on the second day of the Africa Economic Summit in Cape Town, South Africa Thursday 02 June 2005.

JOHANNESBURG – Winnie Madikizela- Mandela was preparing to take President Cyril Ramaphosa back to Marikana to meet the widows of the massacred.

He has vowed to make the trip.

“At your 80th birthday, you said you&39;d take me and Juju to Marikana to meet the widows. We couldn’t go ...I am left to go alone. I will be guided by your spirit...Juju will go with me to heal the wounds of the Marikana widows.”

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Ramaphosa spoke about the pain Madikizela-Mandela endured during the struggle which made her stronger.

He was delivering the eulogy at Mama Winnie&39;s funeral at Orlando Stadium.

“She exposed the lie of apartheid. She laid bare the edifice of patriarchy. She challenged the attitudes, norms, practices and social institutions that perpetuated – in ways both brutal and subtle – the inferior status of women. Loudly and without apology, she spoke truth to power. And it was those in power who, insecure and fearful, visited upon her the most vindictive and callous retribution. Yet, through everything, she endured. They could not break her. They could not silence her.”

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