UPDATE: Vicki Momberg breaks down in court


Johannesburg, 01 August 2016 - Vicki Momberg's legal woes are far from over. The estate agent - known for her racist rant after a smash-and-grab incident in Johannesburg - is about to face seven additional charges of crimen injuria.

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JOHANNESBURG - Former estate agent Vicky Momberg has broken down while testifying in her Crimen Injuria case.

She's told the court that she's unemployed and doesn’t have a permanent address.

Estate agent Vicki Momberg is accused of crimen injuria after shouting at black police officers in Northriding in Johannesburg following an alleged smash-and-grab incident.

VIDEO: Woman's racist rant caught on film

Her outburst was caught on camera and went viral.

Momberg is expected to argue temporary insanity as the reason for her outburst.