Girl moves schools after group sex claims


Government has said that South Africa's leaders are exercising their democratic right of choice when choosing a school for their children.

DURBAN – A video has emerged of a 15-year-old girl allegedly having sex with four boys at Lamontville High School in Chatsworth.

The teenager was labelled “loose” after the video went viral.  

Five boys, all over the age of 18, have been charged with rape, while 10 others have been released into the custody of their parents and guardians.

The teenager has laid rape charges against the the boys, but community members say this is not the first time such an incident has occurred.

The school, meanwhile, is investigating another incident involving the same girl and 10 other boys. That incident occurred off school property in November.

Some members of the community have turned on the girl, calling her a slut and threatening her safety.

The teenager has had to move schools, but the details are closely guarded by education officials.

The NPA says the case is complex and requires a delicate approach because they need to determine whether the girl was gang raped or engaged in group sex.

The five boys who have been charged remain in custody until their bail hearing. 

* For more on this story, watch the video in the gallery above.

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