Rasta herbalist joins forces with NGO on award-winning garden

Rasta herbalists in high demand

They may be a community best known for their indulgence in a different type of herb, but the Cape Town Rastafarian community are also highly revered for their harvesting of herbal medicines.

CAPE TOWN - A garden that sells plants used for traditional medicine has won an award for its efforts to harvest indigenous plants sustainably. 
Neville Schalkwyk, who has been a traditional healer and Rastafarian herbalist for more than 30 years, worked together with the Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation on the project.
Leif Peterson, co-founder of the foundation, said: "The size of the traditional medicine trade in Cape Town is about R180-million a year, so it’s about R10-miilion a month. And that’s based on about 5,500 traditional healers in the city, of which about 1,500 are herbalists like Neville."
The garden is situated on a pavement in a Cape Flats neighbourhood. For more on this story, please see the video in the gallery. 

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