WATCH: Who is the South African voter?


eNCAs Mojos spent some time to get in touch with the face of our voters to answer the question, Who are we?

JOHANNESBURG - With election day looming South Africans from all walks of life are preparing to come out in their numbers and make their mark. eNCA’s Mojos spent some time to get in touch with the face of our voters to answer the question, Who are we?

Rebecca - a life in bloom
A passion for flowers is at the center of Rebecca’s life. She has spent the past 10 years perfecting the art of flower arranging. As a single parent, Rebecca works 6 days a week to put her daughter through school. Her ultimate dream is to own her own flower shop.



Sanjay - theatre of the mind
Radio paints pictures where they can’t be seen, nowhere is this more evident than with Blind Radio DJ, Sanjay Bhimjee. Born blind, Sanjay experienced a connection with radio at a very young age. He puts his law degree to work unpacking legal issues in a way that his loyal listeners can understand.




Velda – friends and vegetables 
Fruit and vegetables are the order of the day, every day for Velda. She has spent the last 18 years selling fruit and vegetables in the street next to her house. In spite of the problems she faces, she maintains a smile and a can-do attitude.





Kamlesh – life at the pump
After his music distribution business folded, Kamlesh left the industry he had been in for 11 years and began his new life as a manager at a Caltex petrol station in Lenasia. In stark contrast to the life he once knew, he now spends his days hearing very different sounds.




Bongeni – roasted and ground
Nestled in the heart of Braamfontein’s student district we find Bongeni, who is a self-trained barista at the DoubleShot caf on Juta Street.  Amid the heady aromas of freshly roasted coffee and baked goods, Bongeni tells of his experience with coffee and his dream of opening his own coffee shop.




Ranta – building a life
Born in Mozambique and raised in Zimbabwe, Ranta has managed to build a life through nothing more than the daily slog and grind of running a street stall.



Sam – trimming the edges
Sam began cutting when he was in high school and never looked back. His barber shop has become more than just that. It is now a place where community members can interact and share their stories. 




Elana – the fabric of life
Elana is an eccentric entrepreneur who owns her own boutique store in Gallo Manor, north of Johannesburg. She views life much as one would a fabric shop, filled with many different colours and textures.

Contributors: eNCA Mojo team - Miyashni Pillay and Sthembiso Lebuso

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