Relatives of trapped Lily miners hopeful


5 February 2016 - Wide view of the Lily Mine near Barberton in Mpumalanga where a collapse occurred near the entrance to the mine on Friday morning. All trapped miners have been brought safely to the surface.

BABERTON, Mpumalanga - Families waiting outside the Lily gold mine in Mpumalanga are hopeful their loved-ones would be rescued alive.

Their spirits were lifted mine rescue services said a locator device has detected a response every hour when trying to communicate with the three trapped workers.

The two women and one man were trapped in a container which fell into a massive sinkhole at the mine on Friday.

The container is buried under thousands of tonnes of rubble.

Rescue teams have managed to shift 4,000 tonnes of debris.

87 other miners, who were trapped underground, were all rescued with minor injuries.

Families are waiting outside the mine&39;s gates for news while local clergyman are conducting prayer services at the mine. 

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