Remembering Chris Hani 25 years later


Newly elected secretary general of South African Communist Party (SACP) Chris Hani salutes delegates at the closure of their first congress inside South Africa in 41 years, in Soweto on December 08, 1991.

JOHANNESBURG –  It has been 25 years since the assassination of Chris Hani.

The SACP leader was shot dead outside his home in Dawn Park in Boksburg on April 10, 1993.

His killer, Janusz Walu?, applied for parole in August 2017. He has spent 24 years in jail for the crime and was denied bail in November 2017.

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Walu?, who pulled the trigger that killed Hani, said while he is remorseful towards Hani&39;s children and wife, he is not sorry for killing the struggle icon.

Former Conservative Party MP Clive Derby-Lewis was the mastermind behind the assassination and died of cancer in 2016 shortly after being granted medical parole. 

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Hani’s killing threatened to derail negotiations ahead of the first democratic elections held in 1994.

The University of Cape Town will honour the struggle icon by renaming one of its lecture theatres after him during a prestigious ceremony on April 25.

The Hani family, the Deputy Minister of Public Works and the SACP&39;s Jeremy Cronin will be in attendance.

Watch a video of Tokyo Sexwale speaking after the death of Hani above.