Reporter files charges against Zuma guards

JOHANNESBURG - An Eyewitness News reporter has laid charges against the VIP Protection Unit after allegedly being assaulted by one of President Jacob Zuma’s security guards.

According to a statement released by EWN, multimediajournalist Reinart Toerien was filming outside Nelson Mandela’s home during a visit by Zuma on Monday morning.

“As the motorcade exited the driveway, Toerien was filming from the pavement and one of the security guards reached out of a black 4X4 window, told him to ‘Voetsek’, slapped Toerien and shoved the video camera, pushing Toerien back,” the statement says.

EWN editor-in-chief Katy Katopodis condemned the unit’s “strong-arm tactics” and called for an investigation into the incident.

She said that it was important that the media be able to fulfill its role without intimidation.

Toerien laid criminal charges at the Norwood police station. He was apparently able to record the incident on video.