Rescuers at Lily Mine remain hopeful


Security guards keep watch at the entrance of the Lily mine near Barberton. All of the 87 miners who had been working underground at the mine when the collapse occurred near the entrance had been safely brought to the surface.

JOHANNESBURG – Rescue workers at the Lily Mine in Barberton, Mpumalanga on Tuesday maintained high hopes of retrieving the trapped miners.

According to reports, the rescue team revealed that they have heard noises coming from under the collapsed rock.

On Friday, 90 mine workers were trapped underground when a shaft collapsed, 87 of those workers were brought to safety while three remain trapped under the surface. 

Mine authorities said on Monday that it will take six to 10 hours to get them to surface from when the rescuers locate the container in which the three are trapped.

Mine authorities say they have been able to remove about 4,000 tons of debris in order to get to those underground.

Two teams consisting of five rescue workers have taken turns in rescue operations.



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