WATCH: Residents join EFF in fight against 'snake pastor'


EFF members went to confront the pastor who made headlines for making his congregation eat rats and snakes at the End Times Disciples Ministries church in Soshanguve, Pretoria on 9 August, 2015.

JOHANNESBURG – A group of Soshanguve residents joined the EFF in dismantling and torching the church tent of End of Times Ministries&39; controversial pastor Penuel Mnguni.

The party on Sunday marched to the church, having vowed to feed Mnguni snakes and rats, which he feeds his congregants.

However, Mnguni was a nowhere to be seen.

The self-proclaimed pastor’s absence did not stop the EFF from wreaking havoc on the premises.

Members of the party were joined by residents when they tore down the tent in which Mnguni conducts his services, forcing the congregation to disperse.

The EFF says it may not have been able to feed the pastor rats and snakes, but it hopes communities will stop allowing themselves to be taken advantage of.

However, their gestures fell on deaf ears as not long after, a number of congregants were again sprawled on the floor while others started eating trees and leaves.

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