Police minister slams Rustenburg vigilantism


Police Minister Fikele Mbalula has urged the community of Philippi to help police find those responsible for the deaths of 11 people in shooting incidents in the Marikana informal settlement in Philippi East near Nyanga in Cape Town on Friday night.

RUSTENBURG - The Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula condemned incidents of vigilantism that occurred in Rustenburg, which saw six properties being torched this week. 

Officials and local taxi groups met on Thursday, after violence broke out, during which properties occupied mainly by foreign nationals were targetted.

Taxi operators have now promised to work with police to tackle drug problems in the area.




On Wednesday, six properties alleged to be brothels and drug dens were set alight by an angry mob.

The group was led by taxi operators who said they are tired of being victims of crime.

Mbalula said people must work with police.

“No matter how justified people might think they are, taking the law into their own hands does not make them different to the people they accuse of being criminals. People must know we are a democratic state, with competent institutions that could resolve all concerns,” the minister said in a statement."

Mbalula called on police to root out brothels "where the future of young women get destroyed."

“We cannot coexist with criminals. Police must smoke criminals out of our communities but our people must work close with the police, if the local police fail them, they must escalate the matter. There are many people of goodwill, we need to pull in one direction and comprehensively respond against acts of crime.” Minister added.

A police officer was arrested on suspicion of drug possession but was later released due to lack of evidence.

On Thursday, police maintained a strong presence in the area amid fears of more violence.