SA actor arrested in brothel raid to spend weekend in jail


Close-up of an SAPS police epaulette.

SPRINGS - A popular soap actor is spending the weekend behind bars as he was arrested along with 16 others in a raid on an alleged brothel.

The group was due to appear at the Springs Magistrate's Court on Friday, facing charges of sexual offences crimes and human trafficking, but the matter has been postponed to Monday.

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Saps spokesperson, Kay Makhubela stated, "“Some of the people are recruited outside and promised jobs and when they arrived they were introduced to drugs."

This is the second raid in the area, last week police made a grim discovery when they pounced on what appeared to be a barbershop and found five kidnapped teenagers, drugs and pornographic material.

Police say there may be more houses like these.

Makhubela implored, "we are calling for those who know those places to come forward and those who are in those places and feel that they can have a chance to go to the police station, they can run to the police station and inform the police. They will go and rescue them by arresting all who are in there.”