SA addresses missing children

It&39;s every parent&39;s worst nightmare - their child going missing. 
In South Africa alone more than 1400 children go missing every year, and many of them are never found alive again. Those who are eventually found alive have often suffered a form of abuse.
Saturday was International Missing Children’s Day - and authorities called for more to be done to address this serious problem. 
NGOs like Missing Children South Africa are doing everything possible to address this problem.
They are even going into shopping malls to make parents and their children aware of this increasing problem. 
Judy Olivier from Missing Children SA says, "We see children go missing about four kids a day. We see a child reported missing very six hours. If we calculate all this together its about 1460 annually that is reported missing. And those are only the official cases. Some people don’t even report it anymore.”
The police welcome any form of help. Their biggest problem they say is the longer a child is missing, the smaller the chance of finding the child unharmed.
Gerda Van Niekirk from SAPS says, "They are helping us a lot with the photographing of the children. Assisting us with the forms and all their networking is absolutely amazing.” 
Those who need help tracking down a missing person can visit the missing children&39;s website for information -