SA athlete attacked in alleged racist attack


Police are searching for the perpetrators who attacked South African 5,000 meter champion, Thabang Mosiako.

JOHANNESBURG – Police are searching for the perpetrators who attacked South African 5000 metre champion Thabang Mosiako.

A case of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm has been opened.

The athlete and two friends were beaten up a week ago in Potchefstroom.

The attack started outside this popular student cafe.

Mosiako and two friends, Rantso Mokopane and Sandy Londt, were allegedly attacked by at least 10 people.

“They were swearing at the cashier. And I said, guys please don&39;t swear at the cashier and I&39;m in a hurry as well. Then I went outside, when I went outside these guys multiplied, called their friends, and started attacking us. My intention was not to fight,” said Mokopane.

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Mokopane believes the attack was racially motivated and says it&39;s the fourth time he&39;s been targetted.

“If something more than this happened, I&39;m responsible for this guy. I&39;m preventing this from happening to your future kids, my future kids that are coming to the university. So I feel like this is the end of it, I don&39;t want it to happen to anybody else,” he added.

Mosiako, a top athlete, was admitted to hospital after his head was bashed on the ground and kicked.

There&39;s a possibility he could suffer long-term damage as a result.

“I have some injuries in my head, the doctor said I must come and fetch my what you call there in the hospital. Now I&39;m hoping to run good in the Africa Champs because I have a huge competition,” Mosiako said.

Professor Dan Kgwadi, vice chancellor of the North West University, says an investigation is underway to determine whether these attackers are students and who exactly they are.