SA hostage makes emotional plea for help

A video of a South African hostage, has been released by Islamic militants in the Sahara.

In it, Stephen McGown, makes an emotional plea for the South African government to help.

He also says he hopes to see his family soon.

He was kidnapped in Mali in 2011.

"I have now been in the desert for 19 months with the Mujahideen. They are treating me well and I am in good health, but as can be expected this is a long time and things are getting quite tiring.

" ....I implore the South African government to negotiate for my release and return me home soon. Please help me, please give me my freedom, please return me back to my family.

"I have a message for my family: I love you all very much, I miss you all like crazy, I&39;m so sorry for putting you through this. I pray daily that you are all safe and you are all in good health. And I pray that I can return home soon to you. Kath, I love you very much and I really pray I see you soon," McGown says in the video.

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