SA to start recycling wastewater


There could be a shortage of clean water if South Africans do not work to conserve it.

PRETORIA - South Africa will be putting more resources towards recycling wastewater.

The news comes at the start of the United Nations Water conference in Durban on Wednesday.

The event also coincides with World Water Day.

According to the UN, over 80 percent of global wastewater remains untreated, polluting the environment.

South Africa is classified as a water-stressed country and it’s up to the authorities to manage water levels.

The Water and Sanitation Department has finally released a 2014 report showing a decline in water quality across various municipalities.

But the department says there’s no crisis.

Clean water might be a scarce resource, but the amount of wastewater is growing.

Experts are welcoming the move to treat wastewater, but warn that clear policies are needed.