Twins allegedly plotted to bomb US mission in SA


Newclare, where one of the suspected terrorists was arrested.

JOHANNESBURG - Johannesburg twins Brandon Lee and Tony Lee Thulsie appeared in court on Monday after allegedly planning to bomb a US mission and Jewish institutions in South Africa.

The brothers were arrested in Newclare and Florida on Saturday and are accused of plotting on behalf of terror group Islamic State.

Authorities say the twins who also tried to travel to Syria last year have been under surveillance for a while now.

Those who know the Thulsie brothers say they&39;re stunned by their possible links to the Islamic State group.

Neighbours say they believed the 23-year-old men were Christians.

Prosecutors are confident they have a strong case while the brothers will remain behind bars until their next court appearance on the 19th of July.

NPA Spokesperson Phindi Low said, “It’s a schedule six offence obviously the onus is on them to give the court extraordinary circumstances that can allow the court to permit their release.”

“At this point investigations are still on going, we must commend swift response from South Africa Police Services the accused appear in court.”

The suspects will be applying for bail at a later stage.