SABC tells reinstated journalists to go home


JOHANNESBURG, 11 JULY 2016 - The SABC will challenge Icasa's ruling that its decision not to show visuals of violent protests was wrong. The public broadcaster insists the decision was in line with the Broadcasting Act.

JOHANNESBURG - The SABC prevented four journalists from entering its offices on Wednesday, despite their dismissals having been overturned by the Labour Court on Tuesday

The broadcaster says it is to appeal the Labour Court ruling that overturned the dismissals of four journalists.

The public broadcaster says the four should not return to work, pending the appeal.

Union Solidarity has vowed to challenge the latest move.

On Tuesday, the SABC was ordered to reinstate Krivani Pillay, Foeta Krige, Suna Venter and Jacques Steenkamp.

They were axed for challenging the corporation&39;s new editorial policy, but the court found their dismissals were unlawful.

Solidarity says the legal tussle could have been avoided.

The union&39;s CEO, Dirk Hermann, said: "SABC should have shown moral integrity by not having taken a decision to exercise censorship in the first instance. They should have not taken disciplinary action against our members and after the ICASA ruling had clearly indicated that its actions were unlawful, the SABC should have withdrawn all actions against our members.”

Three other dismissed SABC employees will go to the Labour Court  on Thursday to fight for their jobs, while freelancer Vuyo Mvoko is taking his case to the high court.

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