SACP should consider contesting elections independently: Nzimande

DURBAN - The South African Communist Party's (SACP) General Secretary Blade Nzimande wants the party to consider standing for elections independently of its alliance partner.

Nzimande also said that he is tired of defending the ANC’s bad decisions.

“What you also do not want in the alliance is for one person or one structure of the ANC to take a wrong decision and we are expected to defend a wrong decision just because we are an alliance. We are no longer prepared to do that,” Nzimande said.

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Nzimande was delivering the OR Tambo memorial lecture in Umlazi on Sunday; the event was well attended by SACP members.

The SACP's General Secretary wasted no time sharing his thoughts on the state of the alliance.

He said the governing party is taking decisions unilaterally – and suggested alliance councils replace individuals in positions of power.

“You are endorsed by the ANC and the alliance partners. We all campaign together. But when we come back, some decisions are taken by an individual or an ANC PEC or REC. No, that must come to an end,” said Nzimande. 

Nzimande said although he is committed to fixing the relationship, factionalism and corruption continue to destroy the alliance from within.

“Those who want to gain access to state resources they will fund and give money to a faction that must win in the ANC or the alliance so that faction will give them tenders.”

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These problems have sparked some serious introspection for the SACP leader.

“So should we also continue to debate this issue and let us not be intimidated. We are an independent political party. Let’s debate on whether is it not time for the South African Communist Party to stand for elections on its own?” Nzimande said.

This debate is expected to feature prominently on the agenda at the SACP’s conference in July.

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