Sampie Terreblanche, fighter against economic injustice, dies


File: South African political economist and academic, Professor Sampie Terreblanche, has died aged 84.



JOHANNESBURG - Veteran political economist and academic, Professor Sampie Terreblanche has died, aged 84.

Terreblanche passed away in his Stellenbosch home on Saturday after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in September 2017.

The author of a number of books, he was perhaps best known for his History of Inequality in South Africa, 1652 - 2002.

He will be remembered for his "fearlessness in speaking truth to power," according to his daughter Christelle.

She said Terreblanche constantly reminded apartheid and post-apartheid South Africa of the injustices of economic inequality.

The thoughts of Christelle Terreblanche and various family friends are presented below.


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