SANDF divulges identity of soldier killed in Darfur


Sudanese people walk past a member of the UN-African Union mission in Darfur (UNAMID) at the Zam Zam camp for Internally Displaced People (IDP), North Darfur, on April 9, 2015.

JOHANNESBURG  - The South African National Defence Force has named the man killed in an ambush in Sudan on Wednesday.

Corporal Mxolisi Edward Mnyipika was shot in northern Darfur.

He was part of a military convoy providing security for humanitarian aid trucks.

The convoy was ambushed on the way to an exchange point between the SANDF and Rwandan troops.

Another soldier was wounded in the attack.

The man is in a stable condition at a hospital in El Fashir, North Darfur&39;s capital

The South African soldiers are part of a United Nations peacekeeping force in Darfur.