SANDF to replace 50 disgraced members


The first group of SANDF soldiers has already been charged and is being sent back to South Africa.

JOHANNESBURG - South African National Defence says troops will be sent Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo to replace the 50 disgraced members accused of leaving their base without permission and breaking curfew.

SANDF Spokesperson Olani Mabanga said, "It&39;s tendency or elements of ill-discipline which the SANDF will not tolerate hence the members are to be withdrawn immediately, so that they can send a message to those who may think it is ok to break the law, break the rules and get away with it. We are very concerned."

"They are also endangering the lives of those in the base because we don&39;t know where you are, who are you with and what are you doing," said Mabanga.

All 50 soldiers were stationed at United Nations camps in the conflict-ridden area.

When they arrive back in South Africa, the soldiers will face disciplinary action which will decide their fate within the defence force.

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