Sanitation probe in Western Cape

Gugulethu – Issues of water and sanitation in Cape Town remain under the spotlight.

The Human Rights Commission is investigating at least 50 water and sanitation complaints in the Western Cape.

The investigation is part of a nationwide probe to establish if government is actually improving the lives of people and whether people’s sanitation options, violate their human rights.

The probe comes while the City of Cape Town is embroiled in another toilet debacle with angry residents.

“The council has abandoned us. We voted for them, now it’s as if they don’t care about us,” said Lindile Hezane, a Gugulethu resident concerned about overflowing toilets in the area.

Because of a labour dispute involving the waste removal contractor, toilets were last emptied three months ago.

The City of Cape Town said it’s afraid to send in temporary workers, following a recent attack on its staff by community in a nearby informal settlement.

“The situation, as you can see for yourself is devastating. Just in terms of both the indignity that people are forced to live but also the serious health implications involved in the un-servicing of the toilets and the fact that people have to actually empty these buckets themselves,” Melanie Dugmore of the Human Rights Commission.