SA's unemployment rate climbs in third quarter


Unemployment / No jobs

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa&39;s weak growth has begun to affect job numbers.

Third quarter figures show more people are now searching for work than in the second quarter.

The formal sector is providing the most jobs, agriculture the least.

Stats-SA said the skills deficit will keep unemployment high.

The unemployment rate fell from 26, 4 percent in the first quarter, to 25 percent in the second.

Now it&39;s at 25, 5 percent.

Despite gains in the trade and construction sectors, other industries have suffered big losses.

"Trade, finance and services have continued to contribute about 50% of total employment, therefore you also see that transport has also lost some jobs. Mining has remained a bit stable, and we also see some job losses that have been seen in the private households. So those dynamics are starting to show that we are having the services sectors starting to create jobs and there is a bit of a difficulty within the sectors that are meant for productivity," said Stats SA deputy director-general Kefiloe Masiteng.

Of the 36, 1 million working-age South Africans, 21, 2 million make up the labour force.

Nearly 15 million people are not economically active, either because of a lack of education or because they&39;re discouraged from finding jobs.

15, 8 million are employed, leaving 5, 4 million people without work between July and September.