Sassa and post office conclude payments deal: Radebe


Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe says One of the 26 people injured in the Nigeria church building collapse has opted to stay in that country.

JOHANNESBURG - Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe said on Sunday that Sassa and the post office have reached a landmark deal over social grant payments.

"We are delighted today to announce to the members of the media and to the South African public that we have reached a landmark between the South African Post Office and Sassa to bring to life a new grant payment system," said Radebe.

"This new system will also make allowance for the participation of other partners such as enterprises and commercial banks in the payment of social grants to beneficiaries.

"As promised, the commitment of IMC to our people was to conclude an agreement between Sassa and SAPO. 

"This agreement gives effect to the phasing in of Sapo and Post bank as service provider and also as one of key channels through which grants will be paid."

Radebe assured social grant recipients they will continue receiving grants beyond April 2018, which is the Constitutional Court’s deadline for Sassa to take over social grant payments from Cash Paymaster Services.

"As a caring government, we remain steadfast in our commitment to provide a social security safety net to respond to the challenges of poverty," Radebe said.

Let me reemphasise and ensure people the people of South Africa and particularly social grants recipients on behalf of the inter-ministerial committee that our government will continue to pay social grants come the 1st April 2018 and beyond."

The minister said that the Sassa-Post Office partnership would have multiple benefits.

"This partnership allows for the retention of assets system and data with state entities for the benefit of government and the beneficiaries.

"It further protects the personal information of beneficiaries from abuse from the private sector companies for ambush marketing and sale of financial products and deductions which our poor cannot  afford.

"The state information will be retained and protected and protected and will in the future be consolidated with other state information such as that from home affairs, the national identification system,  human settlements, the housing subsidies and in transport, the driver&39;s licences."

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