Satanic killings: Friends fear they might be next


Forensic Services officials remove the bodies of two teenage girls after they were found in a field in Dobsonville, Soweto on 19 February 2014.

JOHANNESBURG - Friends of two murdered Soweto schoolgirls on Wednesday said the teenagers were killed as part of a Satanic ritual.
The bodies of the teens, aged 14 and 16, were found in a ditch in Dobsonville. Police said no one has been arrested yet. 
Chwayita Rhathazwayo and her friend Thandeka Moganetsi were last seen alive on Tuesday morning.
Their friends claimed they know who is behind the deaths. They also said the girls were killed as part of a Satanic ritual and are worried they maybe next.
“There are three of them. It’s two guys and a girl (and) they’re part of Satanism. And the teachers even know about it,” said a friend, crying.
This is apparently not the first Satanism-linked killing at the school this year. Another death reportedly took place last month.
The girls’ relatives are also convinced this was a ritual killing. 
“Friends are telling us what’s happening there at school and I think Chwayita and her friend did join Satanism because the way they killed them, it’s a Satanism style,” said Chwayita&39;s aunt, Noxolo Mphati.  
The Education Department said it was providing support to the school, while police said they had opened two murder cases.
“What we found at the crimes scene were, we found candles, black candles at the crime scene as well as razor blades. That ultimately suggests that there might be some ritual, you know, some ritual murder involved, so we’ve also brought out our crime, our all-code crime scene experts to come,” said police spokesperson Neville Malila.

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