Deadly mass shootings in Cape Town


Crime statistics from 2015/16 show that home robberies and burglaries have increased.

JOHANNESBURG - At least 11 people were reportedly killed in two separate shootings in Phillipi East, Cape Town.

Police are said to have descended on Marikana informal settlement following Saturday night's killings. 

In the first incident, four people died and several others were injured when unknown suspects allegedly opened fire inside a sheebeen.

It is understood the suspects then moved to a shack where they shot dead three people inside and another outside the dwelling.

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Police reportedly found two more bodies lying between nearby shacks.

A person who was wounded in the attacks later died in hospital, according to reports.

The shootings come as gun violence has spiked around the Western Cape.

The surge is happening as an audit of firearms at all police stations in the province is set to get underway.

This after a total of 33 firearms recently went missing from two police stations in Cape Town.



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