Search for child swept away by flash floods continues


Police have temporarily suspended the search for a missing three-year-old girl who was swept away in flash floods in Alexandra. City authorities insist the flooding is due to excessive rain and not substandard infrastructure.

JOHANNESBURG – The search for the missing three-year old swept away by flash floods in Alexandra last week will continue on Monday morning.

Johannesburg Emergency Services are intensifying the search the search for the little girl who fell into the Jukskei River.

Johannesburg was hit by flash floods on Wednesday afternoon which left six people dead, property and vehicles severely damaged and many people homeless.

GALLERY: The aftermath of a flash flood

When water started filling up inside the Chauke family’s shack, little Everite Chauke’s father climbed up a tree with her to get away from the flood but she fell into the rushing water after a branch snapped.

Her father, Shadrack jumped in to save her but he was forced to swim back without her.

On Sunday, the so far unsuccessful search operation for the toddler was halted for the day when it reached Waterfall Estate.


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